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About Poppy Playtime Roblox

Thousands of characters from popular games have joined the world of Roblox. Huggy Wuggy - a horror character with blue fur has also appeared with other revenge toys in the game Poppy Playtime. Join Poppy Playtime Roblox, you will return to the abandoned toy factory after 10 years. Then all employees in the factory have disappeared and your task is to solve the mystery. In the process of discovery, there will be creepy secrets about Playtime Co to be discovered. At the same time, Lots of evil toys are waiting for you in this scary place. Find clues, put pieces together and overcome scary toys to stay alive.

Poppy Playtime Roblox has the same mechanics as the Poppy Playtime game but with a Roblox style.

How to play

Use Mouse or arrow keys to move.
Be careful with scary toys to stay alive.

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