Granny 3

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About Granny 3

The horror game series Granny has released Granny 3 with equally scary details. In this game, you will be caught by Granny and Grandpa again. They will then take you to the new house with things even more bizarre than the old one. Both of them will treat you like a prisoner and always watch out for intruders.

Your task now is to explore the house and find a way out of this scary place. You need to find the tools to open the door while being on the lookout for Granny, Granny, and a grandchild named Slendrina. If they find out, they will chase and kill you.

You also need to collect different items that are laid in different places in the house to aid in the escape. They can be anywhere, requiring careful inspection. In addition, you also have to move gently so as not to make any noise. Granny can hear everything while Grandpa will shoot anything that startles him with his gun. Slendrina will appear at certain times to make your escape more difficult.

Are you ready to join the Granny 3 game to experience this scary escape?

How to play

Arrow keys to move. 

Mouse to look around.

C to crouch.

H to hide.

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