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A good old-fashioned hide-and-seek game with a touch horror flair is called Poppy Horror Playtime Game. Huggy Wuggy will squeeze you till you burst if he finds you, so run and hide from him. As a hider, you must be quick to escape Huggy's grasp and aid in the release of your trapped friends in the wild, trap-filled maze. FEATURES: Exciting and tense gameplay Stunning 3D graphics Simple controls Entertaining and addicting Play classic hide-and-seek games with brand-new poppy game characters and squid survival dolls. Huggy Wuggy will soon arrive!

If you've ever heard of Poppy Horror, now is the time to start playing this game. Avoid being discovered by Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy. It's up to you to decide where you will be found when the creepy squid dolls find out where you are. Play the part of a hider or a seeker. You'll need to locate acceptable hiding places if you want to remain safe, unharmed, and the last survivor of the Huggy Wuggy. Make every effort to survive this terrifying.

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