Zeepkist: Crash 2D

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About Zeepkist: Crash 2D

Zeepkist: Crash 2D is a very exciting, unique car game. Instead of keeping the driver and the vehicle intact at the destination, as in other conventional racing games, in Zeepkist: Crash 2D, your mission is to create the largest possible accidents with your ZeEPkist to help the vehicle reach the destination as quickly as possible thanks to the dynamics of the disaster and to high scores.

You just have to let the vehicle and part of the body touch the target - you've completed the mission! Slow or fast, depending on the way you choose. You can customize the driver's position to suit your preferences. Use the money earned to buy new cars, accessories and obstacles to put on the road. You can also use the money to unlock various maps in the game. Can you destroy every Zeepkist you have?

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