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In the first chapter, the player discovers that the protagonist used to work in a factory where a strange incident occurred. As a result, a large number of people disappeared, and the structure was subsequently abandoned. Years later, the main character decides to go back and find out everything. He discovered a unique device in the factory that was popular with many players. He can overcome any distance with its support thanks to his long arms. Therefore, it is not too difficult to access remote objects now. It should also be noted that a giant blue monster is lurking in the empty toy factory. He begins to pursue the player as soon as he recognizes him. At this time, the player needs to run as fast as possible to not be caught by him.
The protagonist merely walks into the room where Poppy Playtime's main rival is located, making the ending of the first chapter extremely ambiguous. She exchanged a few more words with him after that, and the first stage of the game ended. Although the details of the second episode are still unknown, based on the first season, the whole process is sure to be interesting and dynamic. You will definitely enjoy playing the following chapters if you really like the concept.

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