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About Poppy Granny Playtime

Poppy Granny Playtime is available for free play right here on this website. This is a horror game with a lot of bizarre little touches added in. In the game, you will find yourself trapped in a building along with deadly creatures. It is up to you to put in the effort necessary to learn how to solve the puzzles and escape this room. However, provided that every door is closed, this will not be a simple task to do. Therefore, in order to be able to open them, you will need to locate the key.

Teddy bear Poppy is going to assist you at this time. He will offer you a quest to find three small bears that have been hidden in different places. However, only one of the three bears can direct you to the location of the secret key.

Take on the role of a seeker who needs to locate a good refuge and escape it alive to be safe and free.

How to play

WASD keys to move.

Mouse to look around.

Left-click to interact.


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