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About Hello Negihbor

A brand new survival horror game called Hello Neighbor. Players in the game Hello Neighbor find themselves moving into a new home. They have a mysterious neighbor who acts suspicious and seems to be hiding something in his basement. To open and enter your neighbor's basement, you must break into his house, solve puzzles, and collect the necessary things. Players must be very careful not to offend the mysterious neighbor while they investigate the neighbor's house. If they did, they would be chased, and if they weren't fast enough to run or escape, they would be caught. To make escape easier, the player can shock the neighbor by throwing objects at him. If a player is captured (or severely injured), they will be sent home, and your break-in mission will be restarted. Once you have to start over, the player has to be even more careful than before to survive. However, the player can use the game settings to enable friendly neighbor mode, which prevents the neighbor from setting these traps and makes him less aggressive when chasing.

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