FNAF Shooter

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About FNAF Shooter

FNaF Shooter is an online action game that you can play for free here. You can play whenever you want as long as you have a mobile device, a computer, or a tablet.

In FNaF Shooter, your main task is to chase down a large number of killer robots in a deserted town at night. You have to stand alone against the robotic animals trying to kill you inside a gaming center.

However, what you do is not hide to escape them like a coward, but you can completely use guns and grenades to blow those stupid robots to pieces. Go to find all of those guys and shoot the living daylights out of them while avoiding being killed.

The appeal of FNaF Shooter is undeniable, especially given that it is available for free on web browsers.

How to play

Use the keyboard with the controls below to play FNAF Shooter,

  • Use Mouse to Look Around
  • Use the WASD key to Move
  • Use the key combination W + Shift to Run
  • Use left mouse button to Shoot
  • Hold the right mouse button to Aim
  • Use the mouse wheel for next or leading
  • Use weapons 1-7 for weapon hotkeys
  • Press the R button to reload
  • Press the F button for knife attack
  • Press the G button to throw a grenade
  • Press the T button to inspect the weapon

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