Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste

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About Slenderman Must Die Industrial Waste

After a gunfight, a soldier wakes up in an unusual scene. It's important to remember that there are a lot of opponents out there waiting to kill you, so stay alert and on the lookout. The game's players must track and collect nine pages belonging to the fearsome Slenderman. You will catch him after spotting the first note.
Notifications will appear behind you as soon as you see him. The number of weapons found suggests that Slenderman was responsible for many of the deaths. Care must be taken with this species, as accidentally touching them is never a good sign. You should stay hidden and wait until your health is restored if Slender or one of his animals continues to give you the item. As soon as you have all nine pages, get in your car and get out of this awful place. To leave this section, use the nine notes you can find. Slenderman is nearby, so keep an eye on him.

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