Sinister Squidward

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About Sinister Squidward

A SpongeBob-themed survival horror video game called Sinister Squidward has been made by fans. You can predict a chaotic journey because Squidward has gone mad and wants to kill everyone. Meet your favorite characters, including SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward, who are all dangerous as you explore this quirky adventure with cinematic shots. You can choose to play either Sandy Cheeks or Squidward in this game. If you decide to choose Squidward, you will have to kill those you despise with your own weapon or your AK-47. If you choose Sandy Cheeks, you'll need to look into what happened at Squidward's house and save SpongeBob and Patrick Star's lives before they are executed. The game includes distinctive cartoon graphics and an upbeat soundtrack from Bikini Bottom. There are many possible endings to explore in this 20–40 minute game. While there's no official assessment of how suitable the game is for children or adults, you should think about it. In fact, the game features violence, gore, and profanity.

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