Poppy Playtime Run 3D

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About Poppy Playtime Run 3D

In Poppy Playtime Run 3D, you will complete a survival challenge with a horror protagonist, which you probably never thought of. He is Huggy Wuggy. However, instead of dodging, you will have to help him to the finish line in this obstacle course.

It's not a hide-and-seek game but a game with a fun challenge. It tests your running reaction while you play as Huggy Wuggy. Your task is to collect all the cash while simultaneously avoiding various obstacles and traps on the way. You need to be very careful with axes, crates, and robots on your way. You will lose if you hit too many of them.

Join the free Poppy Playtime Run 3D game now to play the role of the scary creature Huggy Wuggy and complete the challenge.

Game Features

Poppy Playtime Run 3D attracts players thanks to its beautiful design and graphics, it brings the comfortable feeling of an entertaining game. In addition, the game can be played on any device from mobile devices to PCs or tablets. It is also said to be suitable for players of all ages.

How to play

Use mouse or arrow keys to move the character.

Avoid obstacles on the way.

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