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About Poppy Playtime - Maze Escape

Greetings and welcome to Poppy Playtime Maze Escape. In this game, Huggy Wuggy is attempting to find and kill you while you are stranded in a maze. Explore the area and look for a way out of this terrifying maze. If you are assaulted, your health bar will go smaller. So try to avoid getting hurt by Huggy Wuggy.With a razor-sharp knife in your hand, you begin the game. Furthermore, you can employ it to protect yourself against Huggy Wuggy. You must keep a tight eye on him because he can appear at any time. You can take one of the various weapons that are scattered throughout the maze to destroy the monster. In the game Poppy Playtime Maze Escape, can you stay alive and escape?

How to play


To shoot, release the left mouse button after dragging it.

R to relaunch

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