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About Poppy Imposter Playtime

Poppy Imposter Playtime is a successful combination of Poppy Playtime and Imposter. It is considered an addictive action game with unique roles and skills. The game's eye-catching interface and graphics are also one of the plus points. Players will discover many mysteries and secrets throughout the game.

In details, you will play the evil Huggy Wuggy creature to kill all his teammates with a giant hammer in the game. The ultimate goal is to become the strongest player alive. To do that, you will have to kill all the victims silently and undetected. The victims are defenseless people. Meanwhile, there are also cunning crew friends everywhere, they are trying to destroy you.

By joining the game, you will have different role-playing options such as Hunter, Assassin, Gunner, and Captain. Each character has unique skills and items.

Join Poppy Imposter Playtime online for free now and be the last and strongest survivor.

How to play

Hold and drag the mouse to move the character.

Be careful not to be killed.

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