Nubic vs Huggy Wuggy

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About Nubic vs Huggy Wuggy

Minecraft has been invaded by Huggy Wuggy! They are assisting Nubic in destroying them all! Join the fight and get some weapons! Watch out for Ender-Huggy chunks hurtling at you, strong feet from Huggy Wuggy, and damaging strikes from Giant Huggy! Is it challenging to contend with so many foes? To slow down the crowd, lob a grenade at them. But watch out, Nubic, Killy Willy overlord returns after every 10 levels to get revenge on all Huggy Wuggies! Can you defeat him as well?

How to play

How to play Mouse - look around WASD - move W + Shift - run Space bar - jump Left mouse button - attack Right mouse - return thrown trident E - pick up weapon Q - drop weapon F - Throw grenade time

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