Evil Granny Must Die Ch2

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About Evil Granny Must Die Ch2

The tale is set in a deserted park one evening. You become lost in the park along with Evil Granny's chase and assault. In order to defeat Evil Granny and leave, you must find six keys that are hidden in the park. It won't be that easy and it'll be highly risky, so proceed with caution! Good luck! Features you can use and are beneficial to you: The three weapons in this game are the conduit, Colt45, and shotgun. Additionally, it offers excellent 3D graphics, simple controls, a sizable terrain with lots of action, and frightful leaps and sounds.

How to play

W A S D to move around Mouse to scan the area Right mouse button for aiming and firing Left mouse button to between weapons G is for Grenades R for reloading F for item pickup Shift left

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