Baldi's Basics 2

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About Baldi's Basics 2

In Baldi's Basics 2, you will have to take on the challenge to escape a school with a crazy and scary teacher named Baldi. You will be trapped in that school with no one but Baldi. He wants you to suffer for mistakes in learning. He will chase you around the school with a fairly heavy ruler in his hand. While you are being chased, there will be school bullies stopping you. Their aim is to reduce your speed and help Baldi catch you soon. Therefore, you need to watch out for all those threats to be able to leave that horrible place.

In addition, you have another task of filling out seven notebooks that are located in different areas of the campus. At the same time, upgrade bonuses and collect different items to make the escape mission smoother.

How to play

  • For phones and tablets, use the touchscreen to control characters in Baldi's Basics 2.
  • Use the keyboard and mouse if playing on the computer, with the WASD key to move the character, the mouse to view, and the Shift key to run.

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